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Fall 2015 League Links:: League  Rules & Policies            Fields map     Schedules, Scores and Standings     Concessions Schedule    Coaches Rosters   Coaches Practice Manuals   Inclement Weather Procedure   Important Dates    Volunteer to Referee or other help

Season Wrap-up:  Saturday 10/17 end of regular season - Sunday 10/18 Tournament Day 1 - Saturday 10/24 Tournament Day 2, Championship games U14C & U14G under the lights - Sunday 10/25 Chamopinships U8, U10, U11G, and U12

U6, Tiny Tot and Super Soccer - please pick up your participation medals after your game by the concessions area

Please remember: 1) These are kids   2) It's just a game   3) Coaches are volunteers   4) Officials are humans   5) Cheer for every child

Current News/Updates::  

10/17: Saturday 10/17 Join us at the Concessions area and enjoy our newly added menu Items   Grilled - Ribeyes   Italian Beef   Hamburgers   Chicken breast   Tacos in a bag   Pizza  and much more, better options for you

10/18: VCSC Travel soccer tryouts - Sunday Oct 18 at 5 PM  Details Vermilion County Soccer Club (Competitive soccer) - announces its annual HS age tryout for the Winter 2015 indoor session and Spring 2016 season.  Tryout date is Sunday OCT 18.  All Vermilion County HS age players are welcome 

DASA FIRES UP THE GRILL- Join us for some Charcoal grillin' and chillin', EVERY SATURDAY, better options for you.  Home-made Italian Beef, Ribeye sandwiches, 100% Angus beef Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers, Chicken breast sandwiches, Walking Tacos, Tony's Deep dish Pizza, Jumbo Beef Hot Dogs, Cheese Hot Dogs, Loaded Chili Cheese Hot Dogs, Nachos with Cheese, Chili Cheese Nachos, King Size Pretzels, Fresh Popcorn, Pepsi Products, Gatorade, Freeze Pop, Peech Iced-Tea, Lemonade, Water, Hot Chocolate, Coffee and more.  Thank you for Supporting our league


League Links: League  Rules & Policies            Fields map     Schedules, Scores and Standings     Concessions Schedule    Coaches Rosters   Coaches Practice Manuals   Inclement Weather Procedure   Important Dates    Volunteer to Referee or other help

Coaches Drills:: Feed & Pressure dribbling     Outside of the Foot  passing    Foot Skill

League Reminders: Shin guards are required, cleats are not (recommended), Metal cleats and front toe cleats are illegal

                                 Every player must be permitted to play 50% of the time of every game   


Concession Food & Drinks Area:: Keep our registration cost affordable.  our only fund raiser to help maintain the fields and keep cost down. Visit us for a variety of selections  JOIN US and support our league


US Youth Soccer experienced significant growth in 2014 US Youth Soccer, the largest youth sports organization in the country, has reported a 9 percent increase (250,000+) in its membership over the past year — a figure the association believes is indicative of the growing interest in soccer across the United States and the excitement generated by the 2014 FIFA World Cup in addition to improved programs for associations. In 2014, US Youth Soccer saw its annual registration grow to 3,055,148, meaning that more than 4 percent of the U.S. population 18 years old and younger played US Youth Soccer. The growth included new players and players returning to the association. 

DASA 30th Anniversary::Never lose sight of the aims of the Association: to provide the means to experience fair play and good sportsmanship for all of our youth in an environment where everyone may enjoy and grow from the experience.  Thank you for celebrating our success.  Press release

TINY TOT SOCCER (TT)::  "IF YOU CAN WALK, YOU CAN PLAY". Our very own TT soccer for all kids under age 4. TT soccer is a parent child activity program filled with activities uniquely developed to introduce the very basic soccer skills for the toddlers. Yes, if you can walk, you can play. TT Starts and ends with the regular season every year. TT activities, in our own secured and safe area every Saturday 9 am - 2 pm during the regular season. Come and go as you please, spend as much or as little time as you like. Please click here Details for additional information, photos and videos.

SUPER SOCCER (SS):: Danville Area Soccer proudly expands the opportunity for soccer play by adding Super Soccer. This new program is for our children with special needs or disabilities which may keep them from participating in usual league play. Now they will have a program adapted to their needs and staffed by volunteers so they and their families can learn the sport and share the competition, the enthusiasm, and the thrill of soccer play. Registration is now open for Super Soccer for any child up to age 18. We welcome volunteer help as a “Buddy” or coach. Click the registration button to sign up, let your friends know and lets join forces for the fun of it. Follow the registration prompts and choose Super Soccer from the Community drop down menu. For Super Soccer detailed information, definitions, manuals and additional links, please click here for Details

CLUB SOCCER:: 30th annual Vermilion County Soccer Club (VCSC) is the traveling competitive arm of Danville Area Soccer Association (DASA). VCSC provides a higher level of play against teams throughout central Illinois in league play for the Central Illinois Youth Soccer League www.ciysl.com

GOAL Safety:: "Ever wonder what those strange black boxes attached to the back of DSA goals are? Danville Area Soccer Association has taken the lead in goal safety for the last fourteen years, and each of our goals is locked and weighted to protect the safety of everybody involved with Danville Area Soccer. http://www.ilga.gov/legislation   http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/chi-ap-il-soccersafety,0,5562669.story


 Important Dates to Remember::

Fall Season Dates: season starts on Saturday August 22 through October 25

Regular Season: August 24 through October 17 (9 weeks)

Tournament Day 1: Sunday October 18 begining at 1 pm

Tournamnet Day 2: Saturday October 24 begining at 8:30 am

Tournamnet Day 3: Sunday October 25 Begining at 1 pm



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