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Back with popular demand...

For the 11th consecutive year, with great success. Tiny Tot Soccer comes to Danville Soccer Association for the spring and fall seasons. Any child can play. Tiny tots ages 1-4 on or after 1/1 (current season year) . Those older than 4 also on January 1 of current year, can play in our regular DSA leagues.

Thank you for registering with us and Welcome to DASA Tiny Tot soccer.  

Tiny Tot soccer philosophy is: “If you can walk, you can play!” even if it is only a step or two.  

Tiny Tot is a parent-child activity and is very low impact, no knowledge needed to participate. The parent-child “team” is a good way to get parents involved early in their child’s sports life. And, the parents develop a certain knowledge and skill as well! We will have instructional DVD’s for each participating family to help the learning process. 

What to Do & Expect: 

On Opening day of the season and every game day after, 9 am to close, stop by the concessions area and pickup your child’s jersey, socks, and specially designed ball with Tiny Tot in mind then head to Tiny Tot secured and private area to enjoy quality time with your child in our specially designed area filled with activities specially designed for this program. Spend as much or as little time as you like, come and go as you please and as often as you like.  Always try to make time to visit us at the concessions food area for a variety of snacks and drinks to help fund and maintain this area.

Tiny Tot has its own private secured fenced in area, just west of the DSA concession stand in Winter Park (just south of the sand volleyball courts). There will be 10 (or so) different activities for the kids. Each focuses on a very basic soccer skill (passing, dribbling, jumping, etc). We have different 'cartoon' type characters, each one teaching a different activity (Sponge Bob tells you to dribble around the plankton; Kermit the Frog has you hop from one lily pad to another; Spiderman instructs you to pass the ball into his web). Kids will do each with the assistance of their parent or guardian.

A “tiny tot supervisor” will be in the area, but will not do formal “coaching”. Soccer volunteers will help in the area to help kids get familiar with the stations. As of now, the Tiny Tot program is slated to be active on all game days. There are no scheduled practices or games; it is simply soccer related activities for our youngest children, not yet old enough for the DSA leagues.

We are really excited about the program and as we thought and hoped it's a goal. For their fee, each child will get a jersey, socks, instructional DVD’s, and a soccer ball with their registration - as well as access to the Tiny Tot area every Saturday during soccer season (Spring and fall ).

With Cleats on, Thank you for registering with us and look forward to seeing you and your child on the field.

Adnan Abdelghani,

President, Danville Area Soccer Association



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