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DASA 3 vs 3
Soccer Tournament

Danville Area Soccer Association is happy to announce the return of a 3 vs 3 soccer tournament. The age divisions are as follows: 10Y, 12Y, 14Y, 17Y, and Adult. Assemble your team and see if you have what it takes to take home first place. Games will be played at the soccer complex on Winter Ave. in Danville, IL. 

2022 Tournament Dates: June 17th through June 19th

Registration Instructions

The team manager/captain should register the entire team under the "Register as a Participant/Player" button.  Team captains/managers must be 18 years of age or older.  The registration fee is $100 per team. 

Registration closes at 11:59PM CT on June 11th, 2022.

Note: During the registration process, you will fill out information about the team, including players' names and birthdates, so please have that available.

Registration Closed

Age Divisions

The team's age group is based on the birthdate of the oldest player of the team.  The age cut-off is based on the player's age on 6/19/2022.

  • 10Y: Participants must be born on or after 6/20/2011.  

  • 12Y: Participants must be born on or after 6/20/2009.  

  • 14Y: Participants must be born on or after 6/20/2007.  

  • 17Y: Participants must be born on or after 6/20/2004.  

  • Adult: No age cut-off

Note: Players can register for multiple age divisions, but games will not be delayed for scheduling conflicts.  

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