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Danville Area Soccer Association strives to provide the very best sporting experience to our community. To help aid our coaches, parents, referees, and spectators in expanding that experience, we have listed several informational resources that are free for your use. 

We did not reinvent the wheel with this information. All of these resource come directly from FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association: the world governing body for soccer), US Soccer Federation, and the US Youth Soccer Federation. Our organization adheres to the guidelines put forth by these governing entities. 

Coaching Resources

US Youth Soccer provides several layers of information for coaches. From first time coaches to those who may hold national certifications, resources like these will help you better develop your players and develop essential to advanced skills. 

Recognize to Recover Initiative

Recognize to Recover Initiative is a concussion and safety awareness program developed by US Soccer. The Goal of this initiative is to help coaches, referees, and parents become aware of the sign and symptoms of potential long-term injuries. Our goal as the DASA is to foster this initiative and keep our players as safe as possible.


In the event of a potentially dangerous injury it is the expectation of our league that all players be cleared by a physician prior to returning to play. This is not only the responsibility of our referees to recognize the symptoms; we all play a part in keeping our children safe. 

Volunteer Groups

Our organization is a 501(c)(3) non profit, and we operate entirely on volunteer efforts and assistance. Everyone, from our Board Members to our referees, coaches to concessions help, are all volunteers. It is said it takes a village to raise a child; well, it takes even more than that to manage this organization. Please consider volunteering for one of the many roles available each season.


We thank you in advance for your generosity. We really could not do it without you. 

Laws of the Game

The Laws of the Game are the office FIFA rules of soccer, or football to the rest of the world. These rules related directly to the play of the game and not the organizational or disciplinary policies of DASA. This is, however, an excellent resource for better understand the rules of the game. 

Parent Resources

US Youth Soccer has also compiled several resources for the discerning parent. Highlighting helpful methods of parenting your young athlete and particular safety initiatives, these resources will help guide you through your time as a soccer parent. 

Concession Stand

Closer to the beginning of the season we will provide an updated menu of our concession stand offerings. More to come soon...

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