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Thank you


Your leadership for Danville Area Soccer has kept this venerable 40 year old volunteer organization vital over your tenure as president. Thousands of soccer players and soccer families have the life-long memories of their experiences of wholesome fun in the sun (well, sometimes a little snow, mud, or rain!) in our community soccer leagues.

Your countless dedicated volunteer hours have helped to shape where we are today. The spring season is, as usual, full of smiling faces.  Fields look as green and nice as they ever have. You brought our concession offerings to new culinary heights. The water works.

We can only hope that the next generation of leaders will bring the enthusiasm and drive that you have provided to DASA, so they in turn can pass this community treasure to their successors.

I am sure I speak for the entire soccer community as I extend to you my heartfelt thanks for all you have done for the Danville Area Soccer Association and for the soccer community. 

Tom Halloran 

Emeritus | Danville Area Soccer Association

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